Nonprofits: How Your Mission Statement Should Affect Your Social Marketing

Do you know your organization’s Mission Statement?

You can gain a better understanding of your social media goals and purposes by keeping your statement easily accessible. However, your Mission Statement is not the same as your Marketing Statement.

A Mission Statement is a formal declaration of your organization’s purpose. Your Marketing Statement breaks those terms down into easily digestible bits for the public to understand. Your social media profile bio should not read your Mission Statement, but rather, should tell the who, what, where, when, why (in less than 140 characters, if possible!) of what you do.

Your Mission Statement, however, should be at the heart of everything you do.


It will help you reexamine your decisions to post or not post certain content.

For instance, when you see a trending hashtag, or holiday, or news story, pause to think: Yes, this will bring attention, but does it bring the right attention? Does it apply to our cause?

If not, and if you can’t justify it, I let it go.

You can cast a wide net and maybe reach the right people here or there, or you can intentionally and strategically aim for our target audience.

Focus on the latter: Depth, not just width.

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