Who Do You Want to Reach?

Who do you want to reach through social media?

If your first thought is “THE WHOLE WORLD!”…

… well, you’re wrong.

Goals vs Dreams
Be realistic. Would you rather use massive effort and advertising money to reach all nearly-2 billion people on social media, or strategically develop relationships with the hundreds of potential people who are actually interested in your product or service?

The latter group is your Target Audience. The more you hone in and define the types of people you want to reach, the better your return on investment will be.

For instance: An outdoors company doesn’t need to reach beauty bloggers. An ad agency doesn’t need to reach schoolteachers.

Go ahead an make a vision board for your five-to-10 year plans, and be as imaginative as you’d like.

But, when it comes to planning your social media marketing strategy be sure you still set specific, attainable goals for your brand, that will push and propel your organization, not leave you hopelessly reaching for something unrealistic.

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