Why Tone of Post is So Important

Use careful consideration when promoting events on social media.

Chances are, if you’ve been sharing valuable content, engaging with the community, and sharing a personality of your brand, you won’t want to break character with a hokey marketing piece.

The viewer will disregard it the same way they disregard a TV commercial that interrupts their favorite sitcom. It’s jarring and out of place.

For example: Let’s say you’re hosting an event for Memorial Day Weekend. You can say

  1. YOUR NAME is hosting a Memorial Day  Weekend Event! Music, food, dancing, games. Prizes! 10am-5pm [Registration link]
  2. Join us for our Memorial Day Weekend celebration! Bring the family for live music, bbq lunch, dancing, and contests with prizes! May 25, 10am-5pm. Register Today! [Link ]

While option 2 is better (and a good size for Twitter), you can up your relatability by aiming for the emotional hook. Explain the root reason why families should want to attend. CopyBlogger.com calls this your organization’s “True Benefits”

Let’s use the example to figure out its true benefits.

  1. Make a list of every feature of your product, service, or event

EXAMPLE: music, food, bbq, dancing, games, lodging, beautiful scenery

2. Ask yourself why each feature is included in the first place

EX: to provide delicious food, high-energy activities, and feel-good fun for families who are looking to getaway to nature

3. Take the “Why” and ask How does this solve existing problems and desires?

EX: Families can spend quality time together while having fun in a beautiful setting that encourages active play

4. Get to the absolute root of what’s in it for others at an emotional level

EX: Create lasting memories with your family during our Memorial Day Weekend. Experience quality time together, surrounded by nature, while you enjoy live music, delicious bbq, games (with prizes!) and much more. Join us for new traditions by registering here: [link]

Wow! There! Much more warm and fuzzy. All it takes is a little extra thought. Try it with a few of your past low-engagement posts to see if you can come up with a writeup that hits the reader emotionally.

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