How to get your business featured in holiday press

Small Business Saturday is about four months away!

Why am I reminding you about the kickoff to the holiday shopping season when it’s the middle of summer?

If you’re considering ways to get some holiday press, like being part of a gift guide or boutique profile, now is the time to make a move. Magazines, blogs, newspapers, and web ‘zines often work months in advance, so you’ll want to get your info out there soon.

Here are some newsworthy ways to promote your small business for holiday press:

Gift Guides

Gift guide are always popular, whether you sell a unique item that can be featured within a local gift roundup, or you have an idea for a group of products that would be perfect for a niche (like, “Best Gifts for Dads Who Have Everything”, or “Unique Gifts For Music Lovers”, etc.).

Highlight a maker

Do you make a gift-worthy product? From cutting boards to soap to handmade leather goods, everyone loves a behind-the-scenes look at how things are made.

Be an expert

Selling wine? Offer your take on the best wines for holiday dinners. Personal trainer? Give tips on staying fit during the holidays. You’re the pro!

Offer a holiday themed menu option

Looking at you, mixologists, latte artists, chocolatiers, bistros, and bakers! Publications love doing roundup lists, like “Holiday Cocktails to Knock Your Socks Off” or “Stocking Stuffers You Can Eat”.

Have questions, or in need of a press release? Contact me anytime!


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