The free and easy way to create image quotes to share on social media

from Plan Engage Grow instagram

Quotes like this can have a powerful impact on bringing awareness to your business via Instagram. They’re not hard to find, so you can easily reshare, but better yet, they’re easy to make. (Plus, this one is SO true.)

Here’s how you can make a traffic-driving, inspiring quote image in 10 minutes or less, for free:

1. Google inspiring quotes, or quotes relevant to whatever your business offers (yoga, flowers, records, health care, wigs…), to find a quote you like from a trusted source. If you’re not sure whether your source is relevant, google the exact quote and author just to be sure.

2. Download the Canva app. It’s free to download and to create an account. Or, from a desktop, just visit (Just a note, I’m not connected to Canva in any way, other than being a happy customer!)

3. Select the Instagram post template option and find a look you like. You can change the background image by tapping it and searching their image database. (There are both free images and fee–based options.)

4. Copy and paste the quote into the text box and adjust the text if needed. You can change the font, color, size, and background.

5. Add a small text box somewhere on the image so that you can write your Instagram handle; that way if the image gets shared, the source of the graphic will point back to you.

6. Save the image to your phone when it’s complete and upload it to Instagram.

7. Use relevant hashtags that are both related to your business, to your quote, and to quotes in general.

If you end up making any quote images, tag me on Instagram @Plan.Engage.Grow … I’d love to see your work!

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