5 Options for better Time Management

What’s your time-management style? Google calendar, an old-fashioned paper planner, some combo of the two?

Or… are you just winging it?

Some business owners operate just fine moment to moment, but the majority of us thrive when we have a flexible structure to our days and weeks. Not only will planning ahead help you keep your mind on important tasks, but you’ll achieve your goals faster.

And maybe you’ll be on time for that coffee date. For once. Jeez.

Up your time management game with one of these 5 planning options:

Google Calendar is an easy-to-use way to schedule meetings or coffee dates, keep track of upcoming events and deadlines, and easily share details between your devices and your colleagues.

Wunderlist is a free cloud-based planning app that helps you track your to-do lists. Though some swear by it, there are rumors it might phase out since being bought by Microsoft, because of…

Microsoft To-Do, which is an in-depth planning tool that allows you to create lists with reminders, and focus on daily needs with a Clean Slate option.

Trello is a great option for keeping the whole team on the same page, with project management tools, daily planning, and more.

The classic: a bound notebook planner. Maybe it’s the writer in me, but to me there’s a feeling of I’m-gonna-get-things-done-ness that comes with buying a tangible planner that I can write, scribble, highlight, and toss in my bag without worrying about my phone-charge level.

These are just a few options to get started. Jump in!

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