3 Tips for Better E-Newsletter Open Rates

Intimidated by email marketing? Remember: Great email marketing starts with a powerful subject line.

Even if you have an important and interesting message to share, if you don’t entice readers with an alluring subject line your open rates are going to stay low.

Here’s how to increase your email open rates

Come up with a list of potential subject lines.
It’s rare that the first subject line you think of is your most creative and effective. Brainstorm 5-20 lines to find your best option.

Avoid common mistakes.
Exclamation points and the word “free” will sometimes land your email directly into a spam box. Long lines will be cut off. Shorter subjects with less punctuation work better.

Don’t be misleading.
Don’t promise what you can’t deliver—you’ll (deservedly) lose trust.

Need help? Reach out to an experienced copywriter (hey, that’s me!) for assistance with email strategy and content. Contact me here!

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