Creative Risks for Small Businesses


Taking small, strategic risks can reinvigorate your brand and bring in new clients and customers.

Here are 3 simple yet impactful risks for small businesses when you want to shake things up without rocking the boat.

📍Take advantage of relevant trends:
Trends come and go. It’s not necessary to jump on every hot new idea, but staying aware of new and relevant products or services for your customer base can benefit your biz. (An example: @caseyyyyylynnnnn LMT of Black Creek Wellness started offering CBD oil with her massages)

📍Find an ignored niche:
Is there a smaller demographic that often gets overlooked in your industry? Try fitting their needs and then promote the hell out of it. (Example: @flipcleans offers cleaning services to local Air BnB rentals)

📍Reinvent your brand:
Complacency can make your business and its promotions stale. Refreshing your logo, website copy, photos, or entire branding can attract a new audience or expand your current one.

Looking for a copy/text update? Contact me!

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