Tips for Writing Short Product Descriptions

Writing product descriptions can be a challenge when you’re trying to market your own products online. Give too many details and people won’t read them; give too few and your potential customer won’t know all of the item’s great benefits.

Try these tips for writing better product descriptions

Avoid overly sales-y language.
Consumers are smarter than ever and find it a HUGE turn-off if your messaging sounds like a 1990s infomercial. Instead, how would you describe this product to someone in-person? Use your authentic voice for better results.

Remember to include the important details.
Sure, a funny intro or short backstory makes an interesting read. But don’t get so caught up in explaining the French meadows that inspired your soap fragrance that you accidentally leave out the facts that it exfoliates really well, is eco-friendly, and comes with its own handmade dish.

Hire an experienced copywriter to ensure that your product descriptions are powerful, concise, brand-relevant, and search-engine optimized (my pen is ready, I’m here to help!).

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