8 Steps to Starting A Blog For Your Business

how to start a blog for your business

You’ve thought about it. You’ve read all the reasons why you should start a blog for your business. You’re ready. But where do you start?

How To Get Started Blogging For Business

Set end goals

Ultimately, what do you want out of this blog? More visitors to your website? More in-store traffic? Build an email list? Get people to buy your book or course? Set your goals and always keep them top of mind.

Create a content calendar

Once you have your goals, it’s time to decide on your messaging. Develop a content calendar (it can even be a spreadsheet) to help organize your thoughts. Include columns for publish date, titles, descriptions, tags, categories, notes, and other relevant measurement tools. (Need a hand? Contact me, I love this stuff!)

Choose your platform

Here’s the infamous WordPress vs Bluehost vs Medium vs Siteground vs [insert various hosting site] conundrum. I can’t tell you which platform is best for your needs (unless we chat!), but I personally lean towards WordPress. I’ve talked before about the benefits of hosting through a site like Bluehost, but the decision is ultimately up to you.

Find your voice

Unless you are writing to a scholarly demographic, there is no need to sound like you are putting together a thesis. According to Hubspot, a marketing company, studies have shown that the more intellectual and high-brow your content sounds, the less readers trust you. You want your readers to view you as confident, relatable, and supportive. But also, authentic. Do you swear a lot? There’s an audience for that. Are you religious? There’s an audience for that. Be true to your authentic voice and you will connect with the right reader.

Post consistently

This doesn’t mean every single Monday at 9 am for the rest of your life (although, if you plan enough content ahead and schedule it, you could…). This means post regularly, in the frequency that your readers have grown to expect. If you post weekly, daily, biweekly… that’s on you. But hold yourself accountable and create the content.

Create a social media strategy

Sure, blogs can automatically attract some organic viewership, but you’ll want to share your content across your social media accounts for even more visibility. Remember, not all social platforms have the same audience, so be sure to change up your content to suit that particular demographic.


Schedule, schedule, schedule! Schedule your blog. Schedule your social media. Schedule your massage because your content is automated and you finally have a day off. 😉


Social media isn’t the only way to spread the word. Ad promotion, press releases, guest posting; there are many ways to tell the world about your blog, about your business, and about how your products or services can improve people’s lives. Let’s get to it!

And remember, I’m here if you need any content strategy or writing help! Contact me if you have any questions.

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