17 Creative Blog Post Ideas for Businesses

When it comes to blogging for your business, creating a strategy will help streamline your ideas, keep your content in line with your goals, and develop a steady flow of ideas.

But, as with all creative endeavors, sometimes the well runs dry and you need some inspiration for what to write about.

Working with a content strategist can help, but if you decide to do it yourself, here’s some inspiration to get you typing.

17 blog post ideas worth writing about

Products and Services

What is your  most popular offering? Let the world know about it with a short write-up explaining what it is, how it works, and why you think it’s your most popular.

Your business’s history

What inspired you to go into business? How long did you work toward that goal and what did it take to get there?

Gift guides

It doesn’t need to be the holiday season for gift guides to work. Besides Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and all of those miscellaneous holidays throughout the year, you can do generic birthday ideas, housewarming ideas, retirement or new job ideas, gifts for grads going out into the real world, and so on.

Special promos

A great way to advertise a promotion or sale is through a blog post; it offers you more space to write about it and add an eye-catching graphic and then you can share the link on social media.

Success story

How has your business benefited others? Write about a happy customer’s experience.


To tail off the last idea, you can also have that happy customer write about their experience so that you can share their story in their own words.

Behind the scenes

Introduce your staff, tell about your background, show a history of your brick-and-mortar building, show your process; people love a good peek behind the curtain.

Neighborhood Favorites

A great way to promote your community, whether you have a storefront or not, is to share about your favorite local spots. Where do you enjoy getting your morning coffee? Where should people go after they visit you? What co-working spaces can they find in your town?

Answer FAQs

Develop a short list of frequently asked questions and take the time to answer them. This will be a helpful post in the short and long term.

Record a video

You don’t need perfect hair, makeup, and lighting to make a good video; though, if you have access to those things, go for it! A short video let’s readers see the person behind the posts and can make you easier to relate to or more trustworthy.

Find news about your products or services

If there is no specific press about your business, perhaps you’ll find articles related to your products or services. Such as, “10 benefits of massage therapy” or “Macaroons are the new cupcake”.

Share press you receive

But if you do receive positive press about your business, share, share, share! Be loud and proud about your story.

Current trends

Is there a new trend that relates to what you offer? Writing about the trend is a great way to introduce new potential customers to the value of your products and services.

Host a Q&A

Share your space with interesting businesses, satisfied customers, thought leaders in your industry, or other people who can provide value to your audience.

Seasonal posts

Write about the amazing things to do in fall, or what people can look forward to in winter, or the new products coming in this summer.

Year-end roundup

Near the end of the year, talk about the incredible year you had and the massive amount of gratitude you have for your customers, readers, and general support.

Host a giveaway

Develop a fun and engaging contest and announce the terms and rules on your blog.

Do you have some more ideas to add? Let the community know what’s worked for you in the comments below!

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