5 Easy Blogging Tips for Better Results

There’s so much more to blogging than the stories you share. Tagging, headings, linking, formatting, and other aspects of SEO should all be considered.

But as a business owner, this can be overwhelming. Time is short. Your expertise is needed elsewhere.

As an experienced copywriter, this is how I can help your business grow. I love doing this stuff. But if you choose to do it yourself I’m happy to help however I can. So…

Here are five quick tips to get better results while blogging:


Using the Headings feature does more than add to the aesthetic of your blog. It tells search engines what your main topic is about. For instance, I’m using WordPress for this blog, which allows me to change the title of this post to H1, the line “So here are five quick tips to get better results while blogging” to H2, and each subcategory to H3. The body is in Paragraph text. This is all an easy way to tell Google the relevance of each topic.

White space

Remember in school when you needed to put a certain amount of sentences in a paragraph to beef it up? Well, those rules go out the window in blogging. It’s actually better to write shorter paragraphs with plenty of white space in between, allowing your readers’ eyes to rest.


Use bold font with caution. It’s a great way to highlight important key notes for people who are just skimming. But overdo it and your text will just look sloppy and overbearing.


Linking within your post helps in various ways. For one, it allows you to provide examples of a point you’re explaining without making your post too long. It also allows you to link to other relevant pieces you’ve written, keeping readers engaged with your other content. Last, it boosts SEO by telling search engines that you are crafting quality content that provides value to its reader.


Another notion to use with caution; images can make or break a post. A couple of relevant images can make your post more enjoyable, but too many photos can get in the way. Things to keep in mind: Keep photos relevant and attractive, use a lower resolution for faster loading time, don’t use too many, and add alt text to describe your topic.

Need help creating a blog strategy or writing blog posts? Contact me to work together!

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