How Blogging Can Produce A Side Income for Your Business

The internet is filled with bloggers, and many of them are making money off of their blogs. Not every blog needs to make money directly, but for those that do, even a small side income can be beneficial for during those slow sales months.

But you’re a business owner, and not necessarily a full-time blogger. Your spare time is precious and can’t be entirely devoted to building and maintaining a profitable blog.

Still, there are a few easy ways you can make a little extra somethin’-somethin’ on the side.

Here are 4 ways to bring in passive income with a blog

Sell a product or service

There are so many things your blog can do for your business, but it shouldn’t be simply considered a place to sell or strictly talk about the products and services you offer. However, there’s no problem with promoting items, highlighting sales and discounts, or including links to purchase every now and then.


Affiliate marketing is when you promote a business through links and in return they provide payments when they gain new customers from you. There are sites like CJ Affiliate that help you find businesses to work with, or you can reach out to individual businesses and ask if they offer affiliate opportunities. Pro: You can promote businesses and services you believe in and receive payment in return. Con: This can be time consuming to find and interact with businesses, and some will pull your agreement if your content doesn’t bring new customers within a certain amount of time.

Word Ads

If you decide to blog through WordPress, they make it easy to earn a little extra money. When you have a Premium or Business plan, you can flip a switch to turn on WordAds, which are ads placed by WordPress. Depending on the number of visitors you have to your site, you can make anywhere from a few bucks to a nice little chunk of change. The downside: You don’t have say over the content they choose to advertise, and if you don’t have a large viewership, you won’t make much.

Sell ad space or sponsored posts

If you’re feeling really industrious, you can sell ad space or sponsored posts. You can go about doing this by reaching out to other businesses or service providers to see if they would like to write a post for your blog to promote themselves for a small fee, or to see if they’d like to hold graphic ad space on your site or within a blog post.

Need help figuring out what to post and when? Contact me to set up a blog strategy or for having your blogs written for you!


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