7 Simple Small Business Saturday Hacks for Last-Minute Planners

7 Simple Small Business Saturday Hacks for Last-Minute Planners

Each summer it feels as though the holiday season is so far away that you’ll have plenty of time to plan for Small Business Saturday. Then suddenly, Labor Day promotions come and go, and you’re looking down the road at fall. There’s still time, right?

Then… Blink. It’s October.

Blink. Happy Halloween!

Blink. You’re in the middle of the first week of November.

If you still haven’t planned your Small Business Saturday campaigns, you might feel like it’s not even worth trying.

But just because you don’t have a full-scale marketing campaign that incorporates social media, email, press outreach, online advertising, and blog strategy (although you might have if you contacted me sooner! ::wink::), it doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel.

Here are seven last-minute Small Business Saturday tips:


Develop an uncomplicated promotion. 

Now is not the time to create an overly complicated deal, like: “Save $10 when you purchase two haircuts, but one must be used within 30 days and the other must be gifted to a friend, but the friend must use theirs within 60 days, and mention your name…” Ack. Instead, stick to something simple: Buy one, get one free. Discounts for bundled service packages. Free gift with purchase. Earn a 20% off coupon when signing up for a newsletterSomething along those lines.

Edit and spruce up your website copy

Take a good look at your website; I’d bet that unless you’ve had it updated recently, you’ll either find a typo somewhere in your copy, an out-of-date promotion, or even a paragraph or page you just no longer like. Have an experienced copy editor review for errors, photos that don’t load, or broken links, and make sure your site offers its best first impression to new visitors.

Update your social media 

Sure, a full-blown social media campaign is ideal, but at the very least you can make sure your information is correct. Now is a great time to make sure your business’s hours and location are correct, to update your profile photo if necessary, and hey, while you’re at it, post a quick mention that you’ll have a Small Business Saturday sale.

Create free eye-catching graphics to share

This one will take about 10 minutes of your time. I’ve written before about creating free, attractive images to promote your business, and if you haven’t already, now is the time to put that task into action.

Partner up with another business

Let’s say you sell baked goods next door to a housewares boutique. Work together to cross promote products: Offer some tasty treats for them to sell (or give away as samples) with your business’s name on them, and in return, you can showcase serving ware and hostess pieces that they sell, in your shop. Win-win.

Research hashtags

Planning on using Instagram or Twitter? (I hope you’re nodding!) See what hashtags are popular around small business promotions and SBS itself.

Brick and mortar: Offer a freebie to drum up foot traffic

Whether you’re giving away an item to the first 50 visitors, or offering free hot cocoa all day long, you’d be surprised at how much People. Love. Free. Stuff. Send the message out there that you’re giving something away, and you might bring in curious new visitors who become new customers. 


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