50 Press Release Ideas to Pitch for Spring

Spring is just around the corner, which means now is the time to pitch story ideas to promote your business to the press.

Some magazines work six months (or more) in advance, while others tend to 3-4 months in advance. But even for blogs, newspapers, and other media who work day to day, week to week, or 1-2 months in advance, there’s no harm in getting your story out sooner, then following up in a few weeks with a reminder.

Bonus: These story ideas are great blog writing prompts, too!

Spring brings a variety of holidays, the return of warmer weather, and the start of wedding and festival season.

I’ve come up with 5 relevant press release categories, each with sample pitch ideas for varying industries, from brewers to jewelers, interior designers to outdoors stores.

The idea is to provide you with some outside-of-the-box inspiration. Feel free to take any of the ideas below and add your own business’s angle on it! 

Here are 5 press release categories and 50 story ideas to pitch to the media for spring 

woman in pink dress sitting on bed while reading
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Weddings and Anniversaries

This is a great topic for those connected to the bridal industry—photographers, florists, catering companies, boutiques, food trucks, jewelers—but there are additional angles for those just outside of it, too, like cleaning companies and outdoor recreation stores. Here are a few examples:

  • Top floral trends
  • Make sure your wedding photographer captures these memories
  • What’s hot in wedding catering now
  • How hiring a cleaning company reduces wedding stress—one less thing to worry about
  • 5 Reasons to hire a graphic designer for better invitations
  • Wedding hairstyles of 2020
  • Add these products to a “welcome to our neighborhood” favor bag for out of town wedding guests
  • Traditional 5th anniversary ideas
  • How to celebrate your first anniversary
  • Anniversary jewelry that says “I love you more today than yesterday.”
  • Groomsman gifts for outdoorsy guys
  • Sustainable wedding ideas
  • Green wedding favors

Spring cleaning

Yes, spring cleaning is still a thing, especially in four-season climates where it finally warms up enough that you can leave the windows open to air out the dust that’s gathered since fall. Try your own twists on these unique story ideas:

  • Top green cleaning products of 2020
  • 4 reasons why you should let someone else do your spring cleaning
  • How to make spring cleaning a zen experience
  • How to reiki charge your home this spring
  • Feng shui to Marie Kondo: Our designers choose top home cleaning methods
  • Spring cleaning your pantry? Fill it with these five foods.
  • Spring cleaning motivation: 5 parties to throw this spring
  • Five ways to spring clean your yard, from our landscaping experts


Sustainable living is growing in popularity (and necessity), and is a big trending topic around Earth Day in April. Sustainability affects nearly every industry. Here are some ideas:

  • 6 tips for throwing a sustainable party from our experts
  • 5 things you can do today for a greener tomorrow
  • How to tell if you’re supporting a sustainable jeweler
  • Exciting news: We’re going green
  • Our chef shares how to enjoy a more sustainable dining experience
  • Eco-friendly spa products and where to find them
  • A greener you with these natural health treatments
  • Sustainable childhood: 5 ways to support a greener youth

Festival Season

Festivals have gotten huge, and technically occur year-round. But April through September is the heart of festival season.

  • Festival fashion: 6 must-haves this year
  • How to get the most out of your festival yoga experience
  • Best tents for festival camping
  • Top ideas for festival glamping
  • Here’s where to buy the top headlining festival performers this year
  • Skip festival season and throw your own backyard party
  • 5 Travel must-haves for out-of-state festivals
  • Festival travel tips from a trusted travel agent
  • 4 famous guitars you’ll see on the festival circuit and where to buy them
  • Try our top dishes before or after the [festival] for homestyle cookin’

Outdoor Recreation

From hiking to biking to rock climbing, the outdoors are in. Use this to your business’s advantage:

  • Our best beers to try after a long hike
  • Are you wearing the right hiking boots?
  • 5 ways to tell if your running shoes are right for you by our experts
  • Our take-away granola is the best travel buddy
  • You’ll want these four pet accessories for the next doggie hike
  • Top outdoor gear products 
  • Outdoorsy tips for indoorsy types — how to get started hiking from our experts
  • Create a meditation path with these tips from our landscape experts
  • Protect your skin with our top sun protection products

Rather have your press releases written? Contact me here to discuss story ideas and rates.
PS — Ask me about discounts for nonprofits, veteran-owned businesses, and HVWIB members!

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