Five Reasons to Start A Blog for Your Business

As the number of podcasts and video subscribers grows, you might ask yourself—is blogging still even necessary?

Well, let’s take a look at some recent stats.

  • 86% of content marketers use blogging as a way to promote their own marketing strategy (according to SEM Rush)
  • Six out of ten customers say that reading blog posts have led them toward making a purchase (according to Demand Gen Report).
  • Here are some more stats, for you numbers-folks!

In a nutshell: Yes. People are still searching, still reading, and still converting to customers thanks to blogs.

While starting a blog for your business is easy, maintaining a blog with consistent posts can be daunting for most business owners, even if you have a great grasp of grammar and plenty of ideas to write about.

Here are a few more stats:

  • The average blog post is more than 1,000 words; twice as long as they used to be.
  • The average time spent on writing a blog post is almost 4 hours per post (according to Orbitmedia).

That’s a lot of time and energy (which is why I’m here to help! Contact me about starting a  blog for your business), but a blog is WORTH IT. Here’s why.


Bring New Leads to Your Website

Every new lead is a potential customer, and a well-thought-out blog post can attract internet searchers right to your website organically (meaning, without you having to pay for ads). A well-structured, interesting, value-driven blog boosts your ranking in search engines thanks to content that is informative and engaging, but also published with the appropriate behind-the-scenes information—that includes tagging and categorizing, the relevance and timeliness of your post, and other evolving factors that affect your SEO.

Get Those Leads Excited For Your Offerings

Whether you’re promoting a product, service, event, or some combination of the three, your post should give enough information to entertain and inform your reader, all in an authentic voice that doesn’t come off sales-y or pushy. Your blog is a great way to share your business’s authentic tone of post to announce new products, sales and discounts, holiday promotions, and events because you’re genuinely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about them, which your readers will find attractive.

Turn Leads Into Customers

Three words: Call to action. you’ve got someone to your blog. Cool. But it’s not just about visitor count. Blogs also provide you with the opportunity to market your products or services, even if it’s not used as a sales page. Are you talking about the Top Five Reasons Why Solar Panels Save You Money? Be sure to add links to appropriate sales pages within the rest of your site, or encourage customers to call for a free quote on solar panels at the end of your post. Writing about your Favorite Rustic Lighting Fixtures? Include links to products you sell, or if you’re a designer, include a contact form at the end of your post and encourage readers to get in touch for a consultation. Bonus points if you can get an email address to build your email list.

A Blog is Like A Salesperson Who Works 24/7

Let technology work in your favor. You can’t be at your phone or computer all the time. It’s not possible—and it’s not healthy to try. Your blog, on the other hand, can answer questions, promote events and offerings, provide a sense of what your company values are, and encourage leads to sign up for your email list, all while you’re spending uninterrupted time with family, or snoozing, or simply taking a day off.

You’ll Always Have Something to Share on Social Media

Whether you share a specific blog post on social media, or create a social post about the fact that you have this awesome blog that provides exclusive content to readers, you’ll always have something to share that drives people right to your website. Sure, sharing articles and images from other sites can build awareness and trust with your brand, but having your own content allows you to do the same while bringing in new leads. Cool, right? I’m excited thinking of the possibilities for you! (But then again, I’m a total nerd for this stuff!)

The best time to start a blog was yesterday. The next best time is today.
Contact me if you have questions, need help getting started, or want to work together on developing a blog strategy!

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