Five Reasons to Start A Blog for Your Business

Yes. People are still searching, still reading, and still converting to customers thanks to blogs. Here are five ways a blog can help your business grow.

8 Ways to Crush Business Goals This Autumn

Review your goals in the fall to get a running start on next year’s goals.

8 Steps to Starting A Blog For Your Business

How to get started blogging for your business.

The free and easy way to create image quotes to share on social media

Quotes like this can have a powerful impact on bringing awareness to your business via Instagram. They’re not hard to find, so you can easily reshare, but better yet, they’re easy to make. (Plus, this one is SO true.) Here’s how you can make a traffic-driving, inspiring quote image in 10 minutes or less, forContinue reading “The free and easy way to create image quotes to share on social media”

Why Tone of Post is So Important

Use careful consideration when promoting events on social media. Chances are, if you’ve been sharing valuable content, engaging with the community, and sharing a personality of your brand, you won’t want to break character with a hokey marketing piece. The viewer will disregard it the same way they disregard a TV commercial that interrupts their favoriteContinue reading “Why Tone of Post is So Important”

Why you Need A Deeper Connection With Your Audience

How will your marketing plan help you play a part in connecting with your audience? Effective social media marketing can help bring awareness to your brand, keep you relevant and top-of-mind, and can eventually bring leads or traffic to your website. But, you need a strategy that covers what to share, when to share, and withContinue reading “Why you Need A Deeper Connection With Your Audience”