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Tips for Writing Short Product Descriptions

Writing product descriptions can be a challenge when you’re trying to market your own products online. Give too many details and people won’t read them; give too few and your potential customer won’t know all of the item’s great benefits. Try these tips for writing better product descriptions Avoid overly sales-y language. Consumers are smarterContinue reading “Tips for Writing Short Product Descriptions”

Should You Use a Hosting Company For Your Website?

Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Siteground, Bluehost, GoDaddy… there are many options when it comes to choosing a host for your website. But, some sites like WordPress don’t require an additional hosting company at all (although you can certainly pair a WordPress site with one). Here is a brief explainer to help youContinue reading “Should You Use a Hosting Company For Your Website?”

5 Options for better Time Management

What’s your time-management style? Google calendar, an old-fashioned paper planner, some combo of the two? Or… are you just winging it? Some business owners operate just fine moment to moment, but the majority of us thrive when we have a flexible structure to our days and weeks. Not only will planning ahead help you keepContinue reading “5 Options for better Time Management”

The free and easy way to create image quotes to share on social media

Quotes like this can have a powerful impact on bringing awareness to your business via Instagram. They’re not hard to find, so you can easily reshare, but better yet, they’re easy to make. (Plus, this one is SO true.) Here’s how you can make a traffic-driving, inspiring quote image in 10 minutes or less, forContinue reading “The free and easy way to create image quotes to share on social media”

How to keep the passion alive – for your business

Launching a business, blog, or new service can be exhilarating. But after you achieve that milestone, how do you keep the momentum going? How do you keep things new and interesting, after days, weeks, years? Here are five tips for keeping the passion alive: 1. Remember Your Why Why did you get into this? ToContinue reading “How to keep the passion alive – for your business”

Why Tone of Post is So Important

Use careful consideration when promoting events on social media. Chances are, if you’ve been sharing valuable content, engaging with the community, and sharing a personality of your brand, you won’t want to break character with a hokey marketing piece. The viewer will disregard it the same way they disregard a TV commercial that interrupts their favoriteContinue reading “Why Tone of Post is So Important”