Blogging for Business Package

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How can blogging help your business grow?

There are so many ways a blog can bring value to your business—driving organic traffic to your website, generating new leads, boosting search engine rankings (SEO), and establishing your expertise in a way that impresses both current and potential clients, to name a few. When it comes to developing a strategy, writing content, finding photos, and the nitty gritty behind a successful blog, it can all seem a little overwhelming. But don’t let that stop you. Instead, let me help.

First, we’ll meet to discuss your business’s goals and voice, and decide on a messaging schedule. From there, I’ll create blog posts that match your brand’s voice. This package provides you with three months of thoughtful strategy based on your goals and your audience’s needs, plus weekly blog posts that inform and engage readers.

You’ll receive a personalized strategy, content calendar, and original content written by a copywriter with years of experience in marketing, journalism, storytelling, and research.

The Blogging for Business Package Includes:

Blog Content Strategy: 3 Months of strategy
We’ll discuss what topics will attract your target audience, and I’ll put it all into a succinct content calendar with strategic scheduling.

Weekly Blog Posts
I’ll create content based on our strategy and post on your behalf; you don’t need to worry about a thing—I’ve got you covered!

Metrics Review
You’ll understand how your blog posts are doing, and how to use this data to shape future email marketing.

Monthly Strategy Meetings
You have the option of a monthly phone, video, or in-person meeting once a month to ensure we’re on the same page and to answer any questions .

Exclusive add-ons, not otherwise available:

Coordinated social media promos:
Not sure how to promote your new blogs on social media? I’ll create coordinating text-based posts for up to three platforms.

Customer persona deep-dive:
Want to really zero-in on who your target audience is? A customer persona brings your ideal client to life; this useful tool helps you stay on track when creating future content, ensuring your time and energy goes toward the right audience.

BONUS: Free Initial Website Checkup
Every package also comes with the option of my Website RX evaluation, which includes an overall site checkup to review for typos, grammar, and other SEO purposes. Let’s make sure your website looks its best!

Let’s get your business out there.

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